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Sancal in Milano

As always, Sancal’s stand was fun, quirky and innovative. Their mantra is not to be a one-size-fits-all manufacturer. And this vision spills over into their product on display at Milano which is a cohesive collection of well-designed commercial pieces.

Their Grafica collection introduced eight totally new pieces at the Salone, and if we had to pick one, it’d definitely be REW by Rafa Garcia. We’ll talk about the whole Grafica package in the Milan report but for now, REW is an acronym for rest-eat-work, and it’s a tremendously versatile chair/bench/sofa system that can be used for a variety of diverse projects that require pieces for resting, eating or working.

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Capdell at the Salone

Capdell’s stand was again a highlight with natural fibres, bright colours and innovative product. Their relationship with both established and up-and-coming designers means they are creating a vibrant, fresh new aesthetic. This is nowhere as apparent as in Panel, their new lounge chair by young designer Lucy Kurrein.

Panel is a lounge chair fabricated from sheet steel and tailored leather with exposed edges – a hollow chair rather than a solid one, an economical alternative to material-heavy upholstered furniture. We’re really looking forward to having this in our showroom.

Perch by Australian designer Marcel Sigel, is a stool that combines curved and straight lines in a simple but carefully traced way. The aluminium footrest is the perfect counterpoint to an aesthetically appealing seat which is mainly made of wood.

The collection consists of bar stool, counter height stool and low stool. All available in a range of timber and lacquer stains.

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Sneak peek – Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2014

It’s just about time to head off on our annual pilgrimage to the Milan Furniture Fair.  The Salon Internazionale del Mobile is the highlight of our year and the event that sustains and inspires us for the balance of the year. Here’s a sneak peek from a couple of our favourite brands as to what’s in store for us for this year’s fair.

Sancal will release their Gráfica collection with eight brand new products. We are especially excited about Rafa Garcia’s REW sofa and bench system.

This is the new Ema collection from Enea. Designed by Lievore Altherr Molina, this multipurpose stacking chair and stool has been in the works for a few years now and we can’t wait to see the final product now in production.

And while we are focusing on soon to be released products, here’s a sneak peek into Derlot’s new Cup seat. Photography by Florian Groehn. Coming soon!

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2013 Milano Report

The Salone Internazionale del Mobile is just the most important place on the planet to be if you’re a designer or even a humble furniture professional like me.  From its origins in 1961, the fair has become the most important point of reference for our industry and that’s why we journey to Milan each year, to discover new trends, catch up with old friends, and soak up the buzz of Milan. With a total attendance of some 324,093 people, the fair really does have a life of its own.
Contained within these pages is our pick of the best of Milan 2013. The best stands, the best new products, the best new ideas and the future trends in styling and colour. Click here to read our 2013 Milano Report.
We’re always very excited to attend Salone Internazionale del Mobile and this year lived up to all our expectations. But we’re equally excited when the new products arrive in our showroom and look forward to sharing them with you later in the year.

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Bardi’s Bowl Chair

Born in Rome in 1914, Lina Bo Bardi’s extraordinary legacy as an architect, set designer, editor, illustrator, furniture designer and curator, has yet to be fully acknowledged. But Claudio Feltrini, CEO of Arper, became fascinated by the idea of developing a project that has never been industrially produced – the Bardi’s Bowl chair (1951): a hemispherical shape and simple volume that has a strong spatial presence. Arper will produce the Bowl chair in a numbered and limited edition of just 500, to acknowledge Lina Bo Bardi’s place in the design fraternity.

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Office for Living

Nouvel was commissioned to create a huge project tailored specifically to the Saloni that would document the tremendous changes that have altered living and working spaces over the past few years.
His response was simply breathtaking, creating several work environments that were light-years away from the commercial spaces most of us inhabit today. Nouvel says that he believes that the architect’s job is to “interpret the technical, cultural and social changes of the age in which we live and to express them poetically in a quest for freedom.”
In the installations featured here we believe that Nouvel has exquisitely captured the essence of his brief, and has offered a view of a workplace that runs completely counter to the dedicated office of today.
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Saya Mini

At the Saloni in Milano, Arper extended their always popular Saya range of chairs by adding Saya Mini, a child-sized version suited for our little people, and available in kiddy colours of white, yellow, pink, red and ochre with matching sled bases. It’s beyond adorable!

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Natural from Nanimarquina

This year Nanimarquina launched the Natural Collection, produced with an exclusive selection of natural fibres that reflect the plurality that nature has to offer: nettle, afghan wool, silk and jute. These fibres are twisted together into continuous thread: a highly laborious manual process that enriches the design, giving each carpet a soft and unique texture. Each thread, each knot, transports us to the world where this rug began. The Natural Collection has been made using biodegradable, chemical-free cleaning products. This took Nanimarquina a step further in the fight against environmental degradation. After 25 years designing rugs, their thinking has been that true innovation lies precisely in creating rugs using what our environment gives us, like the plant that grows around us.
The complete collection will be on the website shortly.

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Milano 2013 – A sneak peak

We will release our annual Milano Report next month showcasing all the new and delicious product launched at the annual Salone Internazionale del Mobile. In the meantime, this is a sneak peak at what’s to come.

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Milano Report 2012 & other new things

UFL were among thousands of design disciples from across the globe who made the annual pilgrimage to Milano for the 51st Salone del Mobile in April.
We delighted in everything on offer and now take this opportunity to share with you the latest trends and fabulous new products which were launched at the fair. Click here to read our Milano Report 2012.
Our containers are currently arriving by the day and all the new products will be in the showroom from the 1st of October. So come and sit and enjoy everything that is new and fabulous!

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