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Red Dot Award Recognises Story Telling Gold


LZF have added another feather to their illustrious cap as winner of a Red Dot Award 2016 in Communication Design for their Telling Tales campaign.

The three part campaign, inspired by Edward Hopper paintings and the 1954 film-noir masterpiece Rear Window by Alfred Hitchcock, is set at night. The cover of darkness provides the perfect backdrop for loads of gorgeous lamps and the captivating nocturnal happenings of its characters.


Valencia-based Masquespacio Studio art directed the campaign, alongside LZF co-founder Mariví Calvo. The ensuing images are beautifully arresting and pose more questions than they answer.

While lamps certainly feature in the photo-realistic scenes, they are not the solo stars of the show. The stories themselves are told from the perspective of an anonymous female voyeur as she imagines the lives of the people she watches.

The storytelling component of the campaign takes the reader on a journey, as author Grassa Toro explains “What is fantastic is not what you see, but rather when I imagine everything I’m not seeing… [from her building, the narrator of Telling Tales] sees very little, and imagines a lot.”


The Red Dot Award is deserved recognition for some highly ambitious publicity. As LZF co-founder Sandro Tothill observes ‘We are competing with communication and graphic design studios from all around the world. That we’re actually in that top fifty cadre of companies receiving the Red Dot Award in Communication Design is as much of an achievement for us as being given a Red Dot Design Award.’

Telling Tales is told in three volumes and will be published in an all-inclusive book for worldwide distribution:

Julie & Nelson – Volume I

Lana & John – Volume II

Ana & Silver – Volume III


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Philharmonic Szczecin


It’s not surprizing the ethereal Philharmonic Szczecin in Poland, stole the show at the Eurobuild Awards 2014, where it was named Architectural Design of the Year. Rising like a feather-light iceberg from the utilitarian port town it occupies, the Philharmonic appears to almost float, whilst surrounded by the heavy nature of the neo-gothic buildings which make-up Szczecin. By day the edifice is ghostly pale, almost austere, in its multi-gabled beauty.


Designed by Estudio Barozzi Veiga from Barcelona, the building is a remarkably unique piece of architecture. The iconic façade is constructed of profiled white anodised aluminium which can be lit with an array of coloured lights and in a myriad of compositions.


The interior spans four storeys, which includes a huge spiral staircase, a symphonic hall, a chamber hall, rehearsal halls, music shop, cafe, spacious foyer, artists’ dressing rooms, storage rooms for instruments and offices. The hall boasts superb acoustics, as you’d expect, due to the special geometry of the walls and ceiling, and the grand opening of the new hall took place at the inauguration of the 2014/2015 artistic season.


Italian furniture manufacturer Arper, have placed furniture into the project, mainly seating upholstered in rich plum tones which work beautifully against the white interior. Lighting is subtle and pretty, in rose hues, illuminating and pulling forth what could otherwise be dark recesses in the space like the stairwell and the bar area.
For lovers of architecture and acoustics, the Philharmonic is an absolute must-do for anyone who happens to finds themselves in Szczecin.


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Pink Gins and the Domino Effect


Our friends at LZF know how to soiree and with the Spanish summer in full swing they thought the time was nigh to host a party. Every good party strengthens and builds relationships and LZF’s guest list comprised of interior designers who work within the Valencian hotel industry.


The perfect venue is as important as the who’s who attending, so the back of LZF’s factory was selected to play host to the gathering. Now when I think of a party at the back of a factory I think of everyone jostling around a small square of dead grass, dodging old tyres and dead cars.


Nevertheless as the guests descended the stairs from the old winery that is LZF HQ, they emerged into a spectacular walled garden veiled in dappled light, an oasis of calm in the oppressive Spanish summer heat. The trees were abundantly decorated in Agatha, Chou and Escape lamps, which set a mellow, fairy-tale atmosphere once the sun dropped below the horizon. No party is complete without lashings of food washed down with blackberry gin and tonics, watermelon daiquiris and classic mojitos, and guests whiled the evening away beneath the canopy of the trees lit up by a spectacular suspension lamp installation.


Escape is based on a game of dominoes. The domino effect in lighting consists of a chain of self-supporting squares falling into a ring of light. This inspired piece creates a domino circle caught in a constant state of gravity defiant falling.


In 1994 LZF started designing and manufacturing hand-made wood-veneer lamps from a small studio in Valencia’s historic centre. Since that time they’ve grown to become one of the world’s most respected boutique lighting companies. For the past 20-years the LZF team has enjoyed all the challenges of business, the ups and downs, the friendships forged, and the sheer act of creating beautiful light.

Switch on.


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LZF in Turkey

LZF Mandarin Oriental Bodrum1

lzf-poppy-wood-pendant-lamp-yellow111Bodrum’s most glamorous bar, situated at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, oozes allure and atmosphere. The constellation of Poppy and Pod lights, designed by Burkhard Dämmer for LZF, creates a spectacular luminous ceiling which floats above the bar and sets an enchanting scene which is emphasised by magnificent views over the Mediterranean.

Poppy and pod are available in 9 colours: American Whitewood, Cherry, Beech, Yellow, Orange, Red, Blue, Turquoise and Chocolate.


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LZF Lighting: Straight from the Workshop


Lzf loaded its first handmade movie onto Youtube in September 2009. Since then it has received over half a million views and has been used on many blogs around the world as an example of an artisanal design process. This new video takes you into the LZF workshop showing the new models and gives you a glimpse of the creative process.

See the hands on approach in the planning, revising and finally assemble of the lights, as LZF endeavours to give life to wood through light. All LZF fixtures are handmade in Valencia, Spain, using our Timberlite® wooden veneers meaning every fixture is unique and special.

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The Grove x

Michael and Annette Dearth’s award winning Auckland restaurant, The Grove, has just received a make-over at the hands of renowned hospitality designer Paul Izzard. The overall aesthetic is intimate and warm and UFL Group was delighted to be chosen to contribute furniture to the new bar and lounge areas. Izzard chose Patricia Urquiola designed Nub lounge chair and Nub sofas from Andreu World complemented by luxe marble table with brass bases for the lounge. The seating for the bar area uses Enea Lottus stools with special custom leather piping and the result complements the warm, sophisticated, fine dining experience that is The Grove.

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LZF Lights up Stockholm

In the south of Stockholm, one of my favourite city’s, (that also houses a talented architect and artist and best friend of mine), sits Johanneshov where a new multi-purpose stadium is newly finished and ready to receive more than 30,000 football spectators and music fans. The Tele2 Arena has just opened its doors and has become in one of the most modern and attractive stadiums in Northern Europe. Our wonderful suppliers Enea and LZF have both been a part of this prestigious project, supplying Lottus stools, Agatha and Spiro lamps which bring light to the Arena’s V.I.P. Area.

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LZF: Red Dot Winner in Branding & Sound

The coveted Red Dot Design Award is one of the highest accolades awarded our industry and undeniably the darling of the design world.   Out of 6,800 entries from 43 countries, it comes as no surprise to us that the team at LZF Lamps have taken home two awards for their innovative High Fidelity campaign!
High Fidelity is based on LZF’s belief that one must play and experiment with light in order to create the right settings and ambiances which will allow the user to create unforgettable moments in their lives. It confirms just how comfortable LZF are with their success that they can spin off a campaign for their new product which takes them far from their core business, and can win them two awards in the categories of Branding and Sound.
Congratulations to LZF!
The entire collection can be viewed here and to listen to the collection click here.
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LZF Spiro suspension lamp

LZF was founded by Marivi Calvo and Sandro Tothill in 1994 based on the crafting of wooden veneer and it’s susceptibility to produce a delicate atmosphere with light. This emphasis on atmospheric lighting, as well as a keen sense for functionality, has seen LZF produce lights for most interior environments. The Spanish company has also patented its Polywood® moulding process.

The Spiro suspension lamp, designed by Remedios Simón, takes inspiration from classic ornamental lattice work. Using a mass of wooden veneer spirals the lamp is both sculptural and functional.  Spiro lamp adheres to the qualities LZF has built its reputation on, communicating “nature, sensitivity, calm, rationality and warmth”.

The lamp is available in 2 sizes. It can be customized with the option of four different colors for the exterior and 8 different finishes for the interior. It is also a versatile option with applications possible in commercial or residential environments.

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Agatha in Gold

Fancy a bit of bling? After LZF were commissioned to produce the Agatha lamp in solid gold for an American heiress, they have now added a gold plated version to their standard current collection. Click here to see the rest of the Agatha collection.

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