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Did you know that a large part of Vondom’s product range is planter pots? Which come in a huge array of sizes and finishes? No? Well let me show you.

Not just manufacturers of more traditional furniture items, these Spaniards have made a name for themselves with their planters from the get-go. Mainly because they have a plethora of great designs that cover a load of bases, and they’re all designed by super famous peeps, like JM Ferrero, Teresa Sapey, Stefano Giovannoni and Ramon Esteve.

BONES (16)

For instance if your brief was a planter pot so big that you could curl up and have a sleep in it, that could be illuminated to an array of colours, and watered itself, then look no further. I mean why shouldn’t a pot water its own occupant, we’re all busy people right? An optional self-watering system is included in all planters except those with a basic finish.


That’s what make Vondom pots so perfect for shopping malls, resorts, hotels, offices and other public spaces. Staying true to form, these 100% recyclable planters are made from roto-moulded polyethylene and available in a matt or lacquered finish. Colours include; ice, white, black, bronze, steel, anthracite, red, pistachio, orange, kaki, navy, plum, taupe, ecru, beige and champagne, and as you know, all Vondom products are designed for outdoor use, even the illuminated versions.


If a planter pot (that can double as a lamp) is up your alley, the illuminated versions come in translucent white matt polyethylene, with internal LEDs that may be operated by remote control and colours (white, red, green, blue, light blue, pink and yellow) can be selected or changed automatically.



Nature is a source of inspiration for many of the designs, where soft, round curves reign as in Organic, Stones and Vasijas. By contrast Marquis and Faz combine geometric shapes to create highly textured and decorative pieces which make a huge visual impact.


Not all Vondom planters heed a bigger is better theory, they also cater for those who have a penchant for nano maceteros, or little pots. High and low, round and square, pots and jardinières, the options are endless and allow integration into any environment.


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