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This is not the first time we’ve blogged about Kinesit, the super smart ergonomic chair by Lievore Altherr Molina for Arper. But as it’s our favourite new product on the task-seating market, we can’t stop raving every time it makes headlines.

Recently Kinesit gained significant European accreditation at Ergocert, at the University of Udine. The Ergocert centre was established to assess the ergonomic characteristics of work environments using strict parameters. Kinesit undertook rigorous testing to ascertain its features (for a product to be ergonomically certified it must maximize the user’s productivity while improving their well-being).


The assessment consists of scientific criteria alongside practical tests. There are a variety of areas that are tested, including the seat comfort (which is measured by taking into account the user’s physical characteristics) and functionality such as stability, sturdiness, and proportions. A number of product users are also surveyed, enabling Ergocert to combine scientific results with personal subjective evaluations.

Kinesit assures the end user an optimum example of Arper’s ‘soft tech’ approach: technology in the service of beauty and human interaction. The different versions of the chair, with high, medium, low backrest, with and without armrests, have proved compliant with all the assessed criteria.

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