Mishaps, mistakes and misjudgments – You win at the UFL Annual sale

It’s that time of the year at UFL when our errors in judgment, over-enthusiastic ordering and plain, old-fashioned cock-ups (to coin a phrase made popular by a National Party Minister recently) are brought out of the dim, dark corners of the warehouse and exposed for all to see. No longer will, “It’ll sell eventually” be tolerated. Mishaps, mistakes and misjudgments. Wrong colour, wrong fabric, wrong time. Whatever? Starting on the 7th of November, our showroom will be awash with bargains from our fine European suppliers – who have understandably asked that their prestigious brands not get mentioned in this egregious litany of errors, this multiplicity of mistakes, and this group of glaring gaffes.

So be quick. Bring your money. Bring your chequebook. Bring your trailer. Just like having a garage sale the best items always go early so rush to the UFL Showroom at 308 Rosebank Road, Avondale, just 10 minutes from downtown. (Disclaimer: The ten minutes quoted does not apply in rush-hour traffic, if it’s raining, when Auckland Council is rebuilding the Great Northern Road interchange or if you stop for coffee on the way….)

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