LZF: Red Dot Winner in Branding & Sound

The coveted Red Dot Design Award is one of the highest accolades awarded our industry and undeniably the darling of the design world.   Out of 6,800 entries from 43 countries, it comes as no surprise to us that the team at LZF Lamps have taken home two awards for their innovative High Fidelity campaign!
High Fidelity is based on LZF’s belief that one must play and experiment with light in order to create the right settings and ambiances which will allow the user to create unforgettable moments in their lives. It confirms just how comfortable LZF are with their success that they can spin off a campaign for their new product which takes them far from their core business, and can win them two awards in the categories of Branding and Sound.
Congratulations to LZF!
The entire collection can be viewed here and to listen to the collection click here.
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