LZF Spiro suspension lamp

LZF was founded by Marivi Calvo and Sandro Tothill in 1994 based on the crafting of wooden veneer and it’s susceptibility to produce a delicate atmosphere with light. This emphasis on atmospheric lighting, as well as a keen sense for functionality, has seen LZF produce lights for most interior environments. The Spanish company has also patented its Polywood® moulding process.

The Spiro suspension lamp, designed by Remedios Simón, takes inspiration from classic ornamental lattice work. Using a mass of wooden veneer spirals the lamp is both sculptural and functional.  Spiro lamp adheres to the qualities LZF has built its reputation on, communicating “nature, sensitivity, calm, rationality and warmth”.

The lamp is available in 2 sizes. It can be customized with the option of four different colors for the exterior and 8 different finishes for the interior. It is also a versatile option with applications possible in commercial or residential environments.

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