NEW Panier Stool from Helen Kontouris

The Panier stool, designed by Melbourne based designer Helen Kontouris, is a versatile and stylish addition to our range. With an impressive number of design accolades already to her name, Kontouris has built a reputation for unique pieces.

Shortlisted for the 2012 IDEA awards, the Panier Stool directly references traditional basket weaves and comes in a stylishly tapered form with playful geometric patterning. It is manufactured using an energy efficient process and uses rotationally moulded Polyethylene, a fully  recyclable product. The versatility of this stool makes it suitable for indoor and outdoor use, commercial and residential spaces. Panier Stool is available in 8 versatile colours including aniseed, yellow, white, red, mid grey, sky, dark mauve and warm green.

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