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Home Away From Office


Hotel Bella Sky in Denmark’s capital, Copenhagen, offers outstanding architecture designed by 3XN Architects. One of Scandinavia’s largest hotels with 23 floors, 812 rooms, the Bella Sky symbolizes the identity of the modern Ørestad area and marks the city’s increasing importance on the international convention and congress scene. The sculptural profile and visibility of the hotel from the various corners of Copenhagen, make it an important landmark within the city.


Offering an abundance of new accommodation, two towers reach up 77m, and lean out at a staggering 15 degrees in each direction. 3XN also designed a large portion of the hotel’s interior, and in that regard have aimed to set the Bella Sky apart from other hotels. Where most international convention hotels have a formal and impersonal style, 3XN wanted to address this by designing the interior in a style reminiscent of a Scandinavian home with warmth, light and a connection to nature.


Located within the hotel are work spaces that provide all the resources of an office away from home. Group seating areas, white boards and long work-tables are ideally situated for brainstorming or company-wide briefing sessions. In-house catering eliminates the need to leave the site for lunch, and hotel amenities make it easy for a diverse group to come together and focus on work related projects. As 3XN explain, ‘When we travel, we all need a space where we can work and meet with clients. With a group of people and all of our computers, it can be a challenge to find a space that is large enough to accommodate a group and that has all of the amenities of an office when you’re abroad.’


Featured within the activity based working spaces is Arper’s Catifa 53, the Nuur Table, Pix Table, Pix Ottomans and the Catifa 60



Photo Credits – Salva Lopez

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Pink Gins and the Domino Effect


Our friends at LZF know how to soiree and with the Spanish summer in full swing they thought the time was nigh to host a party. Every good party strengthens and builds relationships and LZF’s guest list comprised of interior designers who work within the Valencian hotel industry.


The perfect venue is as important as the who’s who attending, so the back of LZF’s factory was selected to play host to the gathering. Now when I think of a party at the back of a factory I think of everyone jostling around a small square of dead grass, dodging old tyres and dead cars.


Nevertheless as the guests descended the stairs from the old winery that is LZF HQ, they emerged into a spectacular walled garden veiled in dappled light, an oasis of calm in the oppressive Spanish summer heat. The trees were abundantly decorated in Agatha, Chou and Escape lamps, which set a mellow, fairy-tale atmosphere once the sun dropped below the horizon. No party is complete without lashings of food washed down with blackberry gin and tonics, watermelon daiquiris and classic mojitos, and guests whiled the evening away beneath the canopy of the trees lit up by a spectacular suspension lamp installation.


Escape is based on a game of dominoes. The domino effect in lighting consists of a chain of self-supporting squares falling into a ring of light. This inspired piece creates a domino circle caught in a constant state of gravity defiant falling.


In 1994 LZF started designing and manufacturing hand-made wood-veneer lamps from a small studio in Valencia’s historic centre. Since that time they’ve grown to become one of the world’s most respected boutique lighting companies. For the past 20-years the LZF team has enjoyed all the challenges of business, the ups and downs, the friendships forged, and the sheer act of creating beautiful light.

Switch on.


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Social Butterfly


Cafes have long existed at the heart of human interactions as a place where our private, social and business lives cohabit and our love of caffeine unites us.

The Saya chair by Italy’s Arper, inspires inclusion in such spaces with its warm timber form and striking silhouette. Perfectly at home among the throng of voices and activity, where work and life coexist.


Designed by Lievore, Altherr, Molina and made for both residential and contract use, Saya is available in a variety of timber stains including white, black, ochre and three shades of red. The 4-leg base is available in wood or chrome.


Photo Credits: Adrià Cañameras

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Grass is Greener at Poncelet


Barcelona has a new eatery located in the Hotel Melia Sarria. Something of a unique culinary concept, Poncelet is a cheese bar inspired by its successful predecessor in Madrid. The interior covers a 400m2 footprint which has been transformed into a smart, quirky zone by designer Jose Manual Ferrero, and is reminiscent of a garden party or sunny picnic due to a floor of green marble, with tiles and rugs adorned with the images of cows, goats and sheep who are the stars of the show.


A green wall and planters by Vondom add to the fresh outdoorsy vibe, as does the majority of the upholstery which is in shades of green.


The large upbeat space features a library, full of books on everything you could ever want to know about cheese and the dining area has been worked into a variety of different settings with furniture from Sancal and Andreu World. Aptly chosen for the space, there is the honeycomb inspired Tea chair and stool, the serene Ronda chair, Casta like a deck chair from the 80’s, sublime Pion and fat comfy Talo which is perfect for loosening ones top button in if your tasting session gets out of hand.
So if you’re in Spain and a fan of cheese, be sure to check out Poncelet.



Photo credits – German Cabo

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Live Like A King


Furniture by Sancal never fails to astonish and their latest offering, The Majestic Collection, is no exception. Unveiled at Salone de Mobile 2015, all their unconventional behaviour that we’ve come to expect is present. The trademark humour, surrealism, innovation and downright cleverness is displayed in force.
The whimsical muse for the collection was opulent palaces and decorative styles used by monarchs throughout history. The result is intentionally impossible yet practical, each piece maintaining a chic appearance that remains far from the staid perpetual imitation of the past that is so often promoted as ‘elegant’.


As if from a dreamscape, each chair, sofa and table in the collection is beautifully refined, rendered from materials as important as the lines of the pieces themselves. Luxe marquetry, copper and silver accents, rich velvets and the scent of leather all play into the overall effect of luxury.
Comfort is exaggerated in the Tiptoe sofa by Sancal stalwart Rafa Garcia. Elements of Marie Antoinette in the Tonella by Note. A palace-perfect puzzle of sofas and coffee tables in the Mosaico program by Yonoh. A bit of leg in Vichy by BricherZiegler. Starched collars in Collar Mao by Skrivo and sinewy elegance in the Nudo Basic table by Juan Ibanez Lax.
Funny, fresh, strange and ethereal. A fanciful nod to the deluxe habitats and mad kings of yesteryear. The Majestic Collection is available exclusively in New Zealand from UFL.



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