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Mix me Mélange!


Family-owned Spanish rug company, Nanimarquina chose the Salone del Mobile 2015 to reveal their latest collection of handmade rugs from Pakistan. This year’s presentation was Mélange, a 20 strong collection of rugs with a bold geometric theme and pared back colour palette in red, black and creams, designed by New York fashion designer, Sybilla.
The exhibition was a huge patchwork of rugs; layered into towering piles, hung from the ceiling and covering coordinated poufs which were strewn across the floor, in direct reference to the oriental culture which produced them, in which everything is done almost at ground level.

Mélange is a fine balance of tradition and modernism, elegance and homeliness, craft and design, past and future. The ambience of the Nani’s product purveys the company’s connection to tradition, craftsmanship and the ancestral handcrafted techniques of Pakistan. Nanimarquina have strong heritage of Global thinking. This being one of their values — an awareness of others and trying to do their bit to improve the lives of people who live in the areas where the rugs are produced.

Nanimarquina’s work with organisations such as Care&Fair, or the implementation of initiatives such as the Kala Project, allow them to take a step further in improving standards of living and working conditions, and helping to build a brighter future for those directly involved in the process of producing Nanimarquina rugs.

You can check out the collection here-


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Best In Show

LZF LAMPSLZF Koi by Inocuo The Sign & LZF Lab 02LZF Koi by Inocuo The Sign & LZF Lab 05

The Koi suspension lamp is the creation of a very special collaboration between LZF Lab and Inocuo The Sign.

Unveiled at Milan Furniture Fair 2015, the enormous carp captured imaginations and wowed visitors with its ingenuity, presence and sheer technical bravado, to take centre stage as the show’s most spectacular and ambitious piece.
From Koi’s inception to launch at Milan was a six year journey, the lamp being finally resolved and completed only due to the technical expertise of some of the best designers and craftspeople in Spain.
The inspiration for Koi came from an intertwining wood system and the transparencies it produced when lit. Manolo Martin, a famous local craftsman who knew how to create volumes with strips of wood, collaborated with LZF to build this fantastical fish from its skeleton outwards. Consisting of a wooden frame – constructed using traditional Valencian carpentry techniques – that supports the ‘scales’, which are made from dozens of small over-lapped pieces of wood veneer. The quality of the craftsmanship is especially noticeable in the detail of the head, tail and fins. Inside the body, LED technology is the source of light. In addition, the Koi has two independent control systems to regulate the light intensity through Bluetooth devices.

The result is a stunning handcrafted piece, measuring more than three metres from head to tail, that’s beautiful and powerful both lit and unlit. A creature made of wood and light; half-lamp, half-sculpture that drifts silently overhead with an aura all of its own.

You can watch the Koi short film by Inocuo The Sign here:

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Ply Collection Flow Chair by Jakob Berg

PLYCOLLECTION_Flow_22_stacked blogPLYCOLLECTION_Flow_01_bleached oak blog8Flow stained black0082 blog
After a year-long hiatus from our favourite Latvian import, the beloved Flow Chair by Jakob Berg is again gracing our warehouse in all its flawless pressed-plywood glory.

Ply Collection combine the experience and capabilities of Latvia’s largest furniture manufacturers with modern and world-renowned design. The innovative development process results in a collection of beautiful moulded plywood chairs.

Available in a range of finishes including bleached Oak and lacquered Birch this stackable classic is perfect for home, office, or restaurant. Welcome to the world of elegant, light and comfortable chairs!

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