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Losanges by the Bouroullec brothers

Photos © studio bouroullec

The Bouroullec brothers continue their study of simplicity and elegance with their new Losanges collection. It’s about reinterpreting the traditional Persian rug using the ancient kilim technique.
Technically complex, the Losanges collection requires great skill as it involves combining 13 colours through the geometrical rhombus shape, a great challenge for the craftsmen of Northern Pakistan. As well as being crafted by hand, the Afghan wool is also spun by hand, which allows for some unique colour tones to be highlighted which make each rhombus different and each rug a unique item.

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Nanimarquina Making Of – 2011

Founded in 1987, Nanimarquina is a brand dedicated to the design of rugs and textiles.
Spaniard Nani Marquina has been instrumental in bringing new business to the North of India and Pakistan, setting up manufacturing in these areas maximising their traditional craftsmanship as well as supporting local communities with her Care and Fair school in India.
Watch this beautiful film to see more…

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Twist for 150 Years!

To celebrate the 150th anniversary of Italy, Horm has produced a special limited edition Twist Coatstand – featuring timber veneers stained red, green and white.

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