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Sancal Rocks

Usually, rock is an accelerated blues rhythm.
In this instance, however, Rafa Garcia’s Rock is a small family of tables inspired by the abundance, exuberance and optimism of the ’50s – an expressive and sensual project influenced by organic and biomorphic forms which popularized the pioneers of industrial design.
The Rock tables, like the musical style from which the name is taken, are characterised by a contemporary feel, and by the fusion of different styles – in this case visual rather than sonorous. Oak, mirror and smoked glass are the notes of a score that can create a personalised melody. Besides playing with the curves, volumes and materials, the different heights and extending table increase the versatility of the set. Click here for more information.

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The Revolutionary Daylight…made from car batteries

The Daylight is a revolutionary new chair designed by Toru Iseki. It is completely environmentally friendly, the standard chair being constructed from recycled and recyclable materials. The resin found on the black and grey chairs are formed using six recycled car batteries and comply to the Japanese Ministry of the Environment’s Law on Promoting Green Purchasing as well as winning a Best of Neo-Con award at the largest North American world furniture trade fair.

The functional strengths of the Daylight also place it as a premium high density, multi-purpose stacking chair. When placed on the transport dolly it can be stacked 45 units high at a little over 2 metres high. Due to its incredibly light-weight structure, weighing 4.1kg, the arrangement and alignment of the chairs is simple and layouts are easily reconfigured thanks to the integral linking glides. Daylight is fabricated as one complete unit and the bonding of the frame and the back rest mean the chair is extremely durable and the mesh is protected from damage during stacking and storage.

Daylight mesh stacking chairs are ideally suited for high traffic uses including training, meeting and conference areas where users are with the chair for a long period. The mesh offers flexibility for different body shapes and prevents pressure points from forming as well as transparency to allow smooth air flow and ventilation. Available in black, grey or white with a powder coated or chrome frame finish, the Daylight chair is available exclusively from UFL Group in New Zealand. For more information, click here.

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