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The Revolutionary Daylight…made from car batteries

The Daylight is a revolutionary new chair designed by Toru Iseki. It is completely environmentally friendly, the standard chair being constructed from recycled and recyclable materials. The resin found on the black and grey chairs are formed using six recycled car batteries and comply to the Japanese Ministry of the Environment’s Law on Promoting Green Purchasing as well as winning a Best of Neo-Con award at the largest North American world furniture trade fair.

The functional strengths of the Daylight also place it as a premium high density, multi-purpose stacking chair. When placed on the transport dolly it can be stacked 45 units high at a little over 2 metres high. Due to its incredibly light-weight structure, weighing 4.1kg, the arrangement and alignment of the chairs is simple and layouts are easily reconfigured thanks to the integral linking glides. Daylight is fabricated as one complete unit and the bonding of the frame and the back rest mean the chair is extremely durable and the mesh is protected from damage during stacking and storage.

Daylight mesh stacking chairs are ideally suited for high traffic uses including training, meeting and conference areas where users are with the chair for a long period. The mesh offers flexibility for different body shapes and prevents pressure points from forming as well as transparency to allow smooth air flow and ventilation. Available in black, grey or white with a powder coated or chrome frame finish, the Daylight chair is available exclusively from UFL Group in New Zealand. For more information, click here.

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Lzf-Lamps at ICCF New York 2010

What a show! The famous Lzf butterfly at ICCF in New York. Click here to see the behind the scenes.

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Lzf-Lamps & +20 Egypt Design tour

Curated by the widely appreciated Italian designer, Paola Navone, +20 Egypt Design presented the history of a large international, cultivated and open-minded family, narrated through installations in different rooms of three historical Cairo houses Suhaymi, Kharazati and Mostafa Gaafar in Muiz Street.
Products showcased were selected from the best Egyptian design companies, as well as international brands including our personal favourite Lzf-Lamps from Spain. The final result was a fascinating juxtaposition of tradition and innovation, local and international, classic and modernity; an emotional melting pot of different cultures.

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Noe by Lievore Altherr Molina for Verzelloni

Straight from the Milan Fair is Verzelloni’s new modular lounge sofa Noe. Designed by the creative powerhouse Lievore Altherr Molina, Noe is a highly modern sofa concept thanks to the multiple configurations possible that are fluid, open and eclectic. Noe can be equipped with the new Blog table which serves as a practical surface and, when fitted with a special cushion, becomes a comfortable armrest.

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Lieve by Diego Vencato

Horm again wowed us in Milan, this time with Lieve – the floating table. The force of gravity is a perception: the innovative material created by pairing wooden tiles cut by laser with felt creates the illusion of a drape supporting the table surface in tempered glass. The table top seems to float above the fabric and gravity seems to disappear for a moment.

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Sinapsi by Sebastian Errazuriz

Sinapsi presented by Italian company Horm at the Salone Internationale del Mobile reminds us of the London Tube Map. By concentrating on the study of cells and cerebral branches Sebastian Errazuriz has created a model that is repeatable, offering a vast array of shapes and spaces suited to growing organically to respond to the changing needs of end consumers. Even the technology used for the construction is revolutionary: instead of being bent, the wood is folded and pressed to obtain the desired form. This industrial process allows for creating even complex organic shapes without the use of costly moulds.

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Albino by Salvatore Indriolo

Albino is the clever coffee table with a wooden shelf able to be separated from the structure and used as a tray. Its wooden LED light may be freely positioned on the frame with a magnet clamp (and powered with rechargeable batteries) turning it into a torch – the perfect answer to anyone’s survival kit.

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Tilt by Victor Carrasco

The skillful team at Lzf-Lamps, Spain have again created another natural handmade and environmentally sustainable lamp Tilt, which we have fallen hard for.
The Tilt collection is a result of the inter play between two volumes that when paired, create a solid sculptural form that could challenge time. A collection of lighting designed to integrate into both the domestic and contract markets and due to its different sizes it lends itself to a whole variety of illumination needs.

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Alexander The Great

Our clever friend, designer Alexander Lotersztain is most certainly the one to watch. This time his quirky collections caught the eye of Nicole Stock, editor of Urbis. Check out the 7 page spread in the latest edition of Urbis.

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UFL Spanish Lunch

Wednesday 24 February was an afternoon showcasing the best in contract furniture, lighting and accessories from Spain, Italy, Japan and Australia, with eclectic design, fine wine, Spanish food and good company.
An educational experience was had by all listening to the concept of stylish sustainable product design from Alexander Lotersztain from DERLOT, Oier Irigaray from ENEA and Sandro Tothill from LZF-LAMPS.
Thanks to all those who made the lunch an amazing success.
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